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You'll know that your fitness and well-being are in good hands when you have Keith, the owner of Mt. Bachelor Fitness Shop, taking charge of the details. Trust someone who is dedicated to helping you.

Keith's Training Qualifications

  • Former Pac 10 wrestler
  • BS Exercise Science / Sport Studies
  • NASM certified personal trainer
  • NASM fitness nutrition specialist
  • ACE certified health coach
  • Owner Mt. Bachelor Fitness Shop since 1988
  • Safe Schools Coaching Certification
  • National Federation of State High School Association Certification
  • Fundamentals of Coaching and Oregon State Component 
  • Conducted fitness testing in a Collegiate setting
  • Worked in athletic clubs as a Fitness Assessment Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition Coach
I have coached at the High School Varsity level as well as being tested in the cauldron of fire with Elementary and Jr. High aged athletes. I like competing, I like to win and I love to train. I enjoy the discipline and the regimen that is required to get and keep optimal endurance and strength.

I like to feel my heart pound, to be challenged to get one more rep, lift a little more weight or just to last a few more seconds than I did before. I feel good about the hard work and the personal satisfaction of overcoming a physical and mental obstacle. I was very lucky to have this philosophy of discipline passed down to me by two excellent models and mentors in my life. One is my father and the other an amazing wrestling coach.

Much time has passed since the principles of success were shared with me and as a father and a coach I have been able to observe many other people who call themselves coaches and fathers which clearly illuminates how truly fortunate I have been.

Show up even when you don't feel like it. Train hard, leave it all on the mat, field or gym. Eat for performance. Get adequate rest. Enjoy your victories as well as those of your training partners. Be grateful.

We're a small business located on Galveston Ave in Bend, OR for 26 years.

For us, full service is just that - consulting with a client to discover their true needs. Is the treadmill the best option to take off some unwanted pounds or are there orthopedic issues that might be better addressed with an elliptical?

If it was easy to get fit by buying a piece of equipment we would not have so many people feeling fat, unhappy, weak or overwhelmed by life. My life is, has been, and always will be fitness. I know that no one wants a treadmill. They want to look good, feel good and be healthy. Usually done in the least amount of time at their convenience.

Getting the right thing delivered and installed, going to bat for you in warranty situations, being there quickly with a certified service technician should any problems come up as well as providing cutting edge training instructions from a certified personal trainer - that's what we're all about.

Sandi Beutler's Training Qualifications
  • BS Human Development and Performance: University of Oregon
  • ISSA Certified FIitness Trainer
  • ISSA Certified Specialist Senior Fitness
  • Owner Mt. Bachelor Fitness Shop since 1988 (Retail Fitness Equipment Store)
  • Program Director & Fitness Trainer in Athletic Club setting

I believe that fitness is the key to living the life you desire, and by dedicating yourself to a fitness program you can achieve the lifestyle you have always wanted.

I provide functional training sessions that develop strength, balance and endurance that train you for a healthy and enjoyable life.

I am here to help hold you accountable and make exercise fun and enjoyable.

Check Out What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

"I started training with Keith in October 2011, on a temporary basis. I was just coming off 7 months of physical therapy needed for an auto accident. I told Keith my mind and body feel broke and I need help but I am not sure what way to go next.

Keith has been excellent to work with. He has worked around my shoulder issues that I did not think would be possible. The workouts are always different and challenging, keeping me striving for more. 14 months later the temporary basis has turned into a permanent basis, I could not think of not training with Keith.

My overall health has improved significantly, and most importantly, my mind and body no longer feel broke. I now have the confidence to do anything, try anything, and currently have my sights set on a 'mud run'. I would highly recommend Keith for any type of personal training."

- Ted Platsman

"I have worked with Keith three days a week for the last three years. When I started I was over 215 lbs, diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure) and my cholesterol was very high.

Since working out and cleaning up my diet. My cholesterol is very good (without drugs). My blood pressure has dropped significantly. I am at 200lbs now but my BMI has dropped 10 points. I feel better and have more strength every day.

Training and diet work! Keith is a great to work with every day is a different workout dependent on my needs. This way we avoid injury (good thing) and concentrate on the muscles needing the most help. I have also learned a lot from Keith's knowledge of nutrition. I fortunate to have found a great trainer."

- Mike Williamson

"I have been working out with Keith for about 1 year, training twice a week on a steady basis. I wanted to lose weight, body fat and have a stronger leaner body. I was tired of wishing for my ideal body and wanted to get serious about making the commitment to making it happen. Over the course of the last 12 months I have lost 15lbs. of fat.
I have gained considerable amount of strength and flexibility. I have much more energy, I feel sexy and I have gone down a clothing size. Keith has provided a safe and challenging environment for me to get stronger. I no longer have the chronic joint pain I used to have. 
Keeping up with my kids used to be challenging; now I have no problem. Keith has helped me strengthen weak areas of my body so that I don't have to compensate anymore. Feeling an inner strength now in my body has been really awesome! I am able to live a more active life now because I have the energy, strength, and don't have the joint pain anymore. 
I look forward to my workout days because he makes the workouts a blast. He's always changing things up so I never get bored. He has educated me and given me resources like My Fitness Pal to help me monitor my workouts and eating. He keeps track of my calorie burn, heart rate levels, weight, and body fat for each session and has tracked it over time so that I can see the improvement over the long term.”

- Anne Gordon
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"With Keith’s guidance I have been able to regain my personal fitness. I look and feel younger than the calendar suggests. His knowledge and abilities in personal training have kept my work out sessions challenging and fun. As my level of fitness has increased my dress size has decreased. Once in a while we revisit something that was once hard to accomplish and now it is no big deal. This is both fun and satisfying. Thank You, Keith. Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels."

- Judie Nesmith
"Sandi is one of the best trainers I've ever worked with. She provides just the right balance of pushing and encouraging. She keeps the work out fresh and interesting, and is also very patient when I'm having an off week. After a long day of decision making at work, I love being able to go in and have a routine all planned out and personalized to my needs. Sandi definitely knows her stuff and is a wonderful person. I look forward to my time with her every week."

- JL. Stryker
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